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Numb3rs: Turn the Hearts of the Fathers

Title: Turn the Hearts of the Fathers
Author: izhilzha
Written for: jlm110108
Prompt: Megan's childhood was not happy. I'd like to see someone explore her family life, and have adult Megan resolve the issues with her father.
Archive: If someone would like to, sure. Just let me know where.
Genre: Gen with a side of low-key het
Characters: Megan Reeves, Larry Fleinhardt, other members of the Reeves family
Pairings: Larry/Megan
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs. I am not doing this for profit, but purely for fun. I promise to put the toys back on the shelf when I’m done playing with them.
Word Count: 3,928
Notes: A huge thank you to my betas, rinkle and beckys91. It wouldn't be this good without your hard work! And my apologies to my recipient for the lateness of this entry. I hope it's worth the wait. :)
Summary: A sign, perhaps. A thaw, the opposite of the freeze that has existed between herself and her father for the past several years.

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Pinch Hitter Needed!

Hey guys! It looks like we lost one of our authors, so I am in desperate need of a pitch hitter for the following prompts. I can give you a whole month to finish it. It would be due on April the 18th.

For: Ravenne_Crion

Request 1:
Fandom: Harry Potter
: Percy, Molly II, Lucy, and possibly Audrey
Prompt: Percy Weasley, government official, takes time away from his busy schedule to spend daddy/daughter time with little Molly and Lucy. What hijinks will there be? Audrey is welcome to show up as well but not required.
Things you don't want: N/A

Request 2:
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius and Harry
Prompt: AU Sirius does not go to Azkaban. He instead raises harry after the death of Lily and James.
Things you don't want: N/A

Request 3:
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Little Sam, Little Dean, Bobby
Prompt: A particularly dangerous mission forces Daddy Winchester to leave his boys with Bobby for a short time.
Things you don't want: N/A

Request 4:
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Teenage Sam and Teenage Dean
Prompt: Dean confronts Sam about his ever growing rebellious nature against their father.
Things you don't want: N/A

Request 5:
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Narcissa Malfoy and Andromeda Tonks
Prompt: Two sisters reconnect after the end of the second war. I am open to this being AU and not following strictly to Canon
Things you don't want: N/A
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Current Situation!

Hey guys, it looks like the problems with posting have been fixed. I'm sorry it took so long but I still have no idea what the problem was. For those waiting on my okay to post, you may do so. If you still have problems, contact me right away. For those of you still waiting for your stories, I profoundly apologize. I have no idea what happened but it looks like it's fixed now. There may be another problem in regards to getting comments for your stories. In other comms this has been happening so it might affect us too. Just in case, please make sure to check your stories for feedback. Because we're way behind schedule, I'm going to be giving till Friday to close this posting before I open the prompts to everyone. This is new for this round, and I'll give a full explanation in that post. Again I apologize to all of you. Hopefully, everything else will run smoothly from now on.
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Still Having Problems

Hey guys! It looks like we're still having some technical problems that may prevent or at least make it really hard to post. If you try to post and it doesn't go through, please contact me just so I know that you have your story ready to go but simply are unable to post it. So you might have to wait a couple of days to post. So far today is a no go, so for those of you authors that are waiting to post your stories, try it again tomorrow if you still haven't yet today.
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Extension Due to Technical Difficulties

Hey guys! There seems to be some technical problems when trying to post our stories, so I'm going to extend the deadline since I don't know how many, if any will be able to post your stories tonight. I've already informed the LJ tech guys so hopefully by tomorrow we will be able to post the remaining stories. I'll keep you guys updated and you now have until tomorrow late night or Tuesday before noon to post your stories.
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Minerva McGonagall
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Harry Potter: Is Dudley Dursley an Insect?

Title: Is Dudley Dursley an Insect?
Author: Vane (vane_nt)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Written for: liliaeth
Prompt: Harry and Dudley meet up again, Dudley's grown up and it takes Harry a moment to realize just how much.
Archive: No, please.
Genre: Gen, family, some humour, some het.
Main Character(s): Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley, with mentions of Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood.
Rating: PG
Warning: None.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and her legal licensees.
Word Count: 2308
Summary: Harry meets Dudley after four years of no contact with the Dursleys. His cousin tries to talk to him, but Harry isn't exactly a willing listener.

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Seeking a Numb3rs beta for late fic

I'm looking for someone willing and able to beta a story that will probably be around 8,000 words. Megan-centric. Basic beta, although deeper character comments would be welcome also. I'm revising it now, and hope to have it ready for beta late Monday evening. If it could come back to me by Wednesday sometime, that would be awesome.

Thanks to the moderator for being gracious to me as RL interfered with writing this story.

Supernatural: See Spot Run (1/1)

Title: See Spot Run
Author: Liliaeth
Written for: dirtydancer14
Prompt: Dean and Bobby. I don’t care what they do I just want some Dean ‘n’ Bobby y’all ;).
Archive: No problem
Genre: gen
Pairings: none, characters involved Dean and Bobby
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Kripke owns, not me
Word Count:2981
Summary: Sometimes even a monster deserves saving
Notes: AU, this is a timestamp for the j2_spn big bang fic I'm working on.
Warning: implications of past child abuse

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Family Haven Ficathon Over-Time!

Okay guys, we have entered our over time for posting, meaning, for those who have asked for more time, you have until the 27th to post your story before it goes to a pitch hitter. For those of you that have not asked for the extra time and have not posted, you have until the end of the day to let me know before I send your story to a pitch hitter. And for those of you that posted within the initial deadline, you get major cookies points!!!!! :-P
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